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We have received good news from the Wellcome Trust, who have agreed to support two weeks of script development for Goodfellow: Anatomy of the Gun. This gives us the opportunity to test a (promising) first draft with a handful of actors and visiting specialists, and to present highlights of the work-in-progress to an invited audience, with a view to collecting feedback that we we hope will lead to the funding of a full production and tour in late 2015/early 2016.
Here is an extract from their letter:

The Committee felt that your application presented an interesting central premise that made a strong case for R&D funding.

Within the range of applications presented for consideration, yours presented good value for money. Having already completed some significant development of the work it was clear that a Small Arts award would provide support at a critical moment in the development of the work and an opportunity for an accurate understanding of biomedical content to be placed at the heart of project.

The Committee considered your scientific collaborators to be especially impressive, and recognised the opportunity for this engagement to bring a contemporary perspective on gun culture into a historical understanding of the development of surgical techniques.

Overall, the Committee considered that this was an ambitious project supported by your clear artistic vision and good track record of previous work.  The Committee believed this had the potential to be enjoyable and accessible for a wide audience.

Details of the showcase venue and date to follow. Provisional dates: April 6th – 18th with showcase on the afternoon of Friday 17th April 2015. Please contact Beggarsbelief if you wish to be invited.