The three most recent productions – all enthusiastically received by audiences and critically praised – highlight some of the difficulties endemic in the current arts climate. Smaller sums are easier to find for ‘development’, while funds to produce are harder to access and funds to then tour productions to reach wider audiences even more so. All three shows, successfully mounted in London, retain the potential to be revived successfully and taken further afield. Now that Beggarsbelief has a producer in Josh Cockcroft, to steer the current Goodfellow project towards greater public exposure, it is hoped that this material will be reviewed for future production.

A_Progress-ApollyonA Progress

First performed at The Yard Theatre, August 2012. More information >


London Jungle Book

First performed at NT Studios, 2012. More information >

Tombstone_Talesx3Tombstone Tales

First performed at The Arcola Theatre, September 2008. More information >